SHUTTERED: Fried Chicken at Fritzi’s Coop, Plus January’s Fried Chicken Crawl

During January’s DineLA Restaurant Week, I wanted to try Neal Frazier’s Fritzi in the Downtown LA’s Arts District, just east of Little Tokyo but wasn’t able to.  Soon thereafter, it was reported that Fritzi was renamed Fritzi’s Coop, which focuses on fried chicken (buttermilk battered or skinless).  One night, I realized that I was going to be passing by here and decided to grab dinner here.

There are options for a quarter chicken or a half chicken.  At only $4 more, I opted for the half buttermilk fried chicken.  This meal included a choice of starch, and a side dish.  I chose tater tots and cauliflower.  I added a side of gravy for $2.50 more.

Let me say, the chicken was huge, especially the breast piece.  There was more than enough to feed 2 people with this meal.  The chicken was nice and crunchy, moist, and seasoned well.  Smothering the breast filet with the gravy adds extra depth of flavor.  I’d love to go back and try the skinless fried chicken.

Also, since I’m discussing about fried chicken, I’m posting pics of places where my friends and I have sampled fried chicken.

Half Buttermilk Fried Chicken with a starch and a side, plus a side of gravy.
Chicken breast is huge and is boneless. Perfect for smothering it with that gravy.
Starch: Tater Tots, Side: Roasted Cauliflower (Cold)

Desserts look so tempting, especially the chocolate layer cake.


Craft Pizza n Chicken in the DTLA Fashion District.  Address:  735 East 12th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Family owned food stand at the food court located on the very top floor.

OG Fried Chicken

Adobo Fried Chicken Wings

SECOND LOCAT ION:  Birdie’s in South Park of DTLA.  Address:  314 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Unless you call to order in advanced, they may not have enough chicken brined, battered and ready to be cooked on the spot.  That was the situation we encountered duringour visit.  For a group of 8 of us, obviously we needed to order one piece per person.  Unfortunately, they only had 6 pieces of chicken ready for deep frying – 4 pieces of white and 2 pieces of dark.  In order to compensate for the shortage, we ordered some a chicken strips as well.

What was interesting was that we were not amazed by the regular fried chicken.  We actually, preferred the chicken tenders instead as the batter was more evenly distributed.  It was also nice and crunchy as well.  The regular fried chicken wasn’t as crispy as it can get, and some of the batter separated from the chicken during deep frying

And they also have house made decadent donuts!

THIRD STOP:  HoHo Chicken near MacArthur Park.  Address:  2625 West 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90057

Located just east and outside of Koreatown is this KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) place that serves up solid fried chicken as well as offering a good variety of flavored/sauces wings.  With so many to choose from, and being partially full, we opted to get only the original fried chicken along with the Parmesan wings, sweet chili wings, and curry wings (a flavor I’ve encounter here only, thus far.

Parmesan Wings
OG Fried Chicken
Curry Wings
Sweet Chili Wings (partial order; they were finished up the rest but wanted us to be able to start eating since the rest of the order was ready)


$15 DineLA Restaurant Week Lunch at Maccheroni Republic 

$15 DineLA Restaurant Week Lunch at Maccheroni Republic 

A 3-course lunch for only $15?  Why not?  Most enjoy the pasta dishes offered here and find that they are more reasonably priced than Bestia and The Factory Kitchen.  It was a cold day, so I had a hankering for a nice bowl of soup and ordered a bowl of their minestrone.  With or without the soup, this was a good deal.  And it was quite good.

   Minestrone di Vedure con Quinoa

Insalata Tricolore della Salute:

Bigola della Nonna:  

Pannatone Pudding:

Front entrance and front patio:

Singaporean at Chop Chop Grill, and Indonesian at Java Spice in East San Gabriel Valley

(Note:  Unnamed dishes will be identified in the near future, the formatting will be fixed as well.)

My never ending desire to find the best Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian food in the Los Angles and Orange County areas led me to the Chop Chop Grill, a family owned Asian restaurant that happens to feature some Singaporean dishes.  

I hosted a little food crawl for deep into the eastern  region of the San Gabriel Valley:  Chop Chop grill in Walnut, Java Spice in Rowland Heights and Martabak Cafe in West Covina.  

With a couple of friends from Singapore and Malaysia, we sampled the few Singaporean dishes at Chop Chop Grill before heading over to Java Spice and sampling a few Indonesian dishes.  Then we finished up with some Indonesian martabak manis at Martabak Cafe.  
Dishes from Chop Chop Grill:

Nasi Lemak 
Curry Puffs


Pork Satay
Hainan Chicken (their signature dish)






Dishes from Java Spice:

 Nasi Bunkus


 Curry Lamb Stew


Lamb Satay

 Char Kway Teow

 Beef Penang

 Mee Goreng

Various Desserts



From Martabak Cafe:
Chocolate, Cheese and Peanut Martabak Manis

 Durian and Cheese Martabak Manis



DTLA’s Financial District’s New Addition: Le Petit Paris LA, September 18, 2015

Gorgeous space and elegant decorated to replicate the feel of dining at a European cafe.  We dined here during the last of the 3 days for their soft-opening.  Service here is very attentive and cordial, and they are still working out some kinks as one our runners misidentified foie gras and calling it escargots.

Tuna Tartare

Le Petit Paris’ Signature Salad

One of my friends thoroughly enjoyed their signature salad and indicated that he would love to order it again, especially since the portion was quite substantial.  My other friend was not that enthusiastic with his tuna tartare, as he would like the tuna to be cut up into much smaller pieces.  He also found the plating a bit non-conducive as he needed to remove the salad layers on top in order to be able to get to the tartare.  I enjoyed my foie, as each component was tasty: foie, chutney, macaron and raisin bread.  I would prefer to have the bread toasted, maybe next time.

Housemade Duck Foie Gras

I ordered the Vegetarian Paparadelle ($16) and later asked to switch it to a Truffles Paparadelle ($27).  However, I let my server slyly talk me into having the Vegetarian Paparadelle with truffles shaved on top, which he said was the same as Truffles Paparadelle.  I should have clarified things with him, as (after he left to fire our order), I believed he may have misrepresented as Vegetarian Paparadelle with truffle shaving is $16 plus $18 supplement (total $34).  And when the check came, it showed the $16 and $18 charges.  I should have spoken up.  My dish had a very generous helping of paparadelle (actually too much, probably had twice the size of an appropriate serving, so some bites became all pasta and nothing else), and a decent amount of Australian black truffles shaved over it (another kink to work out as the server had a difficult time shaving the truffle over the pasta).  Flavors were good, and the truffles was quite aromatic.  

Vegetarian Paparadelle with Shaved Australian Black Truffles

My friends had the Lamb Shank and the Spiced Cod.  Thumbs up for the Lamb Shank, which was cooked beautifully, fall off the bone.  My other friend thought the cod was good, just good.  I didn’t ask to taste their dishes.

Spiced Roasted Cod

Lamb Shank

Since it was a birthday celebration, I inquired over the phone, when confirming my reservation, if I would be able to bring a cake to our dinner.  The hostess put me on hold to ask the manager, and came back on the line a few minutes later to say it was fine.  My mistake, I forgot to ask if there was a service charge for bringing the cake and having them serve it to me (though I believe the hostess should have advised me that there would be a $21 cake-age fee.

Tips:  Valet parking is $8.  Cocktails served at the upstairs lounge bar are about 1/2 smaller in size than those served from the downstairs bar (during meal service), at least, that was the case with the Caiparinha.