Modern Burmese at Daw Yee Myanmar Corner in Silver Lake

Modern Burmese at Daw Yee Myanmar Corner in Silver Lake

It was disappointing to learn that Daw Yee Myanmar Cafe in Monterey Park had shuttered due to the inability to negotiate a new lease.  However, there’s still Daw Yee Myanmar Corner to nosh at when one has a craving for refined Burmese dishes.  The food here is modernized to adapt to the local clientele in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles.  As such, some of the recipes used at the Cafe have been modified in order for Corner to offer up vegan and/or gluten free options.

The food here is still good, but some dishes will lack some of the pronounced flavors to the dishes due to the modifications and to accommodate special dietary needs.

Favorites of mine still include the Kima Platha, Mohinga, Tea Leaf Salad, and the desserts.  The dessert may not seem like much, but they sure hit the spot for me, with the best being the Tapioca Cake, made with tapioca flour and coconut.  Light sweet and fragrant from the taste of coconut the every bite.  The Semolina wheat cake and the cassava cake were hot out of the oven, dense, yet moist and also lightly sweetened.  A cup of coffee would go nice with the Semolina wheat cake.  The cassava cake had this sweet custardy taste to it.

9th Annual L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade at UCLA

9th Annual L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade at UCLA

This is perhaps the best food festival one can attend in Los Angeles, and all proceeds raised will be go to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer.  This is one of the few local food festivals that have chefs from other parts of the country participate, such as Jonathan Waxman, Marc Vetri, and Donald Link, just to name a few.  They, along with top chefs in the LA area, graciously donate all of their time, effort and food for a wonderful cause.

Added the amazing prizes that were being auctioned off during the Live Auction (a week’s trip to Rome and Tuscany for 4 with dinner at Nancy Silverton’s Tuscany home, plus wine tasting throughout the region fetched a whopping $100,000 from one bidder; and dinner for 8 at Jimmy Kimmel’s home with chefs Josiah Citrin, Michael Cimarusti and others, also fetched $100,000 from each of the 3 winning bidders).

Tickets to this event cost $195 for general admission, but it was 4 hours of culinary and liquor bliss as the food spread offered by the chefs were delicious.  However, another way to be able to attend the event and be able to sample of the offers was to volunteer for the event.  The middle of September is usually the start of the hottest time of the year for Los Angeles, and yesterday, it was no different.  While it wasn’t extremely hot, walking around for hours in the sun and heat drained me out completely.  In the end, I only had enough time and energy to hit a few of the stands.

My two favorites out of the bunch were Stephanie Mutz’s Sea Urchins and Sea Urchin Shooters, Kevin Meehan’s Beef Tartare with Charcoal Chip & Yolk Aioli, and Jeremy Fox & Andy Doubrava’s Bone Marrow Fried Farro Verde.  Both made my palate sing.

Perhaps next year, I’ll attend the event as a regular ticketholder and hope to be able to maximize the experience of this event, an event which, I’m quite sure, easily raised over a million dollars to fight pediatric cancer.

California-nized Burmese Cuisine at Daw Yee Myanmar Corner in Silverlake

I enjoyed the refined Burmese dishes that are being served at Daw Yee Myanmar Cafe in Monterey Park, which opened about 3 years ago.  Earlier this year, their second location opened in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles.  Aside from the slight variation in the name from the first location, the dishes this place serves have some recipes tweaked to become vegan and/or gluten free.  And that is a wonderful thing to know as some people like myself enjoy eating vegan and/or gluten free from time to time.  However, the flavors you expect from these popular Burmese dishes are there.

Fried Myanmar Tofu (made out of chickpea flour, vegan and soy-free) 

Potato Cakes stuffed with seasoned ground lamb (also available with ground chicken as well)
Kima Platha with ground chicken (options of lamb or beef are available as well). Reminds me of Malaysian Murtabak.
Tea Leaf Salad
Mohinga (National Dish of Myanmar)

Shan Noodles

Garlic Noodles with Duck
Salmon Belly wrapped in Banana Leaf
Pumpkin Curry (vegan and gluten-free)
Vegetable Curry (vegan and gluten-free)

Dessert Cake Combo

Swye Kyi Cake made with semolina wheat, egg, butter.

Cassava Cake

Tapioca Cake

Young coconut water for your beverage, and young coconut meat for dessert