For December 30th and New Year’s Eve, n/naka is offering a special 13-Course New Year’s Kaiseki Dinner priced at $225 plus tax and gratuity.  It was another amazing meal that, as usual, was plated so beautifully.

SOKI ZUKE – Oak smoked onsen tamago, kabu puree, ikura, chives

ZENSAI (Seasonal Ingredients Presented as an Appetizer) – Blue shrimp, foie gras mousse, namasu, crab uni nikogori, kamaboko, ginko nuts, ponzu 

MODERN ZUKURI (Modern interpretation of sashimi) – Red snapper, konbu, orange curd, kishu, Mandarin ponzu (you squeeze the juice from the Mandarin orange in the lower right over the dish of ponzu sauce it sits on), plum puree.

OWAN – Ozouni with mochi, Japanese wild mushrooms (shitake, enoki, shimeji)

OTSUKURI (Traditional Sashimi) – Toro, buri, Santa Barbara spiny lobster, purple yam, daikon, wasabi

MUSHIMONO (Steamed Dish) – Black cod, purple yam, gobo

AGEMONO (Fried Dish) – Abalone (on a stick), shirako (cod sperm sack wrapped in shiso leaves), renkon (lotus root), 3 salts (Himalyan, matcha, Okinawa)

SHIIZAKANA (Not Bound by Tradition, The Chef’s Choice Dish) – Uni, Alba white truffle, house made pasta, kizami, nori

NIKU (Meat Dish) – Miyazaki A5 wagyu beef, gold egg and beets sauces, black garlic, black sea salt

SUNOMONO (Vinaigrette Dish) – Kumamoto oyster, creme fraiche, caviar, yuzu omoi sake

SHOJUKI (Rice Dish) – Chirashi (toro, tuna, yellowtail, shrimp, Hokkaido scallop, uni, tamago, ginger, unagi (eel), ikura (salmon roe), marinated sushi rice)

DESSERT (Mizumono) – Lemon pine sorbet, matcha tea
DESSERT – Palate cleanser (tea)

DESSERT – Green tea baked Alaska, red bean ice cream, yuzu curd, kuromame

PARTING GIFTS – Copy of tonight’s menu, and a box of housemade mochi)


 Me with Chef Niki Nakayama

n/naka storefront 


Korean Seafood BBQ at Get Bbul in K-Town

If you like Jae Bu Do, then you may like Get Bbul as well.  Get Bbul is Korean style barbequing/grilling of fresh seafood, and in some instances live.  End result is tasty morsels of shellfish that was seasoned from being cooked in their own juices over a charcoal fire.  

Here, they offer combination platters (Small feeds about 2 people; Medium, 2-3; and Large, 3-4), each filled with clams, shrimp, oysters, scallops, abalone, cuttlefish, baby octopi and giant sea snails.

Included with the combination platters are impressive ban chan dishes including a bowl of sliced lettuce topped with frozen a spicy seafood cocktail mix, which will easily thaw out while you’re grilling your seafood.  By the time some of that seafood is ready, so will this spicy seafood cocktail salad.  Other ban chan offerings include tempura shrimp & squid, pork belly, sliced raw vegetables with bean sauce, steamed egg, leek pancake, pork hock, cheese corn and, of course, kimchi.

Medium Combination Platter

Tempura with Shrimp, Squid and Onions

Pork Hock

Steamed Egg

Cheese Corn

Pork Belly

Leek Pancake

Spicy Seafood Cocktail Salad (unthawed)

Some Instant Noodles with Fish Cake

Spicy Baby Octopus

Servers will help grill, shell and then serve the oysters