Chef’s Menu at KALI Restaurant in Hollywood, CA

Chef’s Menu at KALI Restaurant in Hollywood, CA

I always enjoy my meals at Chef Kevin Meehan’s KALI Restaurant on Melrose Avenue, just west of Larchmont Blvd. I learned about Chef Meehan through foodie friends who had attended his pop-up called Kali Dining (and I attended a few of those pop-up dinners in both Culver City and Downtown LA). However, I never had the Chef’s Menu my last visit earlier this year, and it was a wonder dining experience. The Chef’s Menu consists of 8 courses, and every dish were presented beautifully, and each course offered quite a substantial portion. By the time dessert is served, one would have been quite full.

KALI Restaurant, 5722 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038, Telephone: 323-871-4160

The meal began with a bowl consisting of 4 delicious bites: uni over a brioche cube, abalone, oyster in cucumber mignonette, and a mussel.

2nd Course was Beef Tartar Tartlet, made with Flannery beef

3rd Course was Seared Foie Gras, beets, beet puree,

4th Course was Spring Pea Agnolotti, made with ricotta, mint, hazelnuts, pea tendrils

At the beginning of the meal, I ordered one of their elixirs – a ginger based one. And half way through the meal, we are served their popular rosemary bread with a side of whipped butter.

5th Course was Local Black Cod, sun gold cherry tomatoes, olive oil

6th Course was Peads and Barnett Farms Pork Loin

7th Course was Flannery Beef Ribeye, broccolini, potato

Lastly, the 8th Course, Chef Meehan’s Meringue Gelato topped with candied egg yolk shavings. And to finish off the dinner, chocolate truffles.

Every time I eat at KALI, I try to reserve the counter seats directly in front of the kitchen. It’s great to be able to sit and see how the dishes are prepped.

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