Shanghainese at S&W China Taste 上海小吃 in City of Industry, CA

A group of us had planned to go to lunch at another Shanghainese place called Noodle Kitchen in Rowland Heights.  However, a few days before this lunch, we found out though Yelp that Noodle Kitchen had shuttered, leaving me to scramble to find a new eatery for us to try.

While everything was good, I didn’t find anything that stood out.  Their Xiao Long Baos (XLBs, aka Soup Dumplings) were just okay.  Meat filling was nicely seasoned, but the dumplings did not fill up with soup broth.  Each of the ones I bit into did not have any broth in them.

Their Deep Fried Fish Filet with Seaweed was cooked well but needed a bit more salt & pepper seasoning mix.

The food here is seasoned nicely, and the flavors can be subtle. And that is not necessarily a bad thing.

As always, please click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo.



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