SHUTTERED:  Modern Mexican Cuisine by Chef Diego Hernandez at Verlaine

Dinner with friends back on Wednesday, April 12, 2017.  Modern Mexican cuisine is finally making a footprint in the LA dining scene.  Chef Diego Hernandez has a critically acclaimed restaurant south of the border in Ensenada, Baja California, before opening up a restaurant in San Diego.  Now, he brings his culinary expertise to LA, and what we got to share was an array of refined, beautifully plated dishes.

The Sorrel Tamal was one of my favorites as the preparation and presentation was nothing one would expect when you order tamal or a tamale.  Our dinner was highlighted by a wonderful Suckling Pig.  Pass me some more of those housemade tortillas!

Dinner ended with a nice Beet Biscocho, soft, smooth, creamy and not too sweet.

VERLAINE, 8715 West Beverly Boulevard, West Hollywood, California 90048, Telephone: (424) 288-4671


Sorrel Tamal – Corn masa, sorrel juice and cheese, mole amarillito, swiss chard, onion ashes
Grilled Half Dozen Oysters – Fresh sage, warm butter, lemon
Beef Tartare – Ginger, chive, kalamata olive, arugula, egg yolk sauce
Whole Baby Beetroot – Smoked and roasted garlic puree, hibiscus powder, dried cheese
Ceviche of the Day – Tostada, avocado, mayo
Whole Baby Carrots – Carrot orange ginger puree, carrot top salad
Fish of the Day – Ash crust, spinach chilpete, swiss chard stem, guisado, russian kale, preserved lemon
Suckling Pig – Sweet potato, salsa madre, smoked squash
Suckling Pig – Sweet potato, salsa madre, smoked squash
Sauce and accoutrements for Suckling Pig
Beet Biscocho – Orange creme, beet apple gel, cacao sorbet
With Chef Diego Hernandez



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