All You Can Eat Chinese Vegetarian Dinner at Happy Family Vegetarian Restaurant in Monterey Park

All you can eat for just $15.50 per person plus tax and gratuity.  It’s a bargain, and the food is very good.  With an AYCE menu containing more than 60 items to choose from, one needs to scrutinize it carefully to ensure that you’re ordering a good variety of dishes, and not dishes with similar preparations and/or sauces.

One thing I dislike about this place is that the servers feel it’s easier to get you to order what they suggest.  Some are good, but others aren’t that great, especially when they talk you into ordering Sweet & Sour (Mock) Pork, or Kung Pao (Mock) Chicken.  Just be firm and take control of what you’re ordering for your table.  I didn’t, and we ended up with some dishes we didn’t care much for.

Don’t waste food, or you can be charged for food waste.



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