Singaporean at Chop Chop Grill, and Indonesian at Java Spice in East San Gabriel Valley

(Note:  Unnamed dishes will be identified in the near future, the formatting will be fixed as well.)

My never ending desire to find the best Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian food in the Los Angles and Orange County areas led me to the Chop Chop Grill, a family owned Asian restaurant that happens to feature some Singaporean dishes.  

I hosted a little food crawl for deep into the eastern  region of the San Gabriel Valley:  Chop Chop grill in Walnut, Java Spice in Rowland Heights and Martabak Cafe in West Covina.  

With a couple of friends from Singapore and Malaysia, we sampled the few Singaporean dishes at Chop Chop Grill before heading over to Java Spice and sampling a few Indonesian dishes.  Then we finished up with some Indonesian martabak manis at Martabak Cafe.  
Dishes from Chop Chop Grill:

Nasi Lemak 
Curry Puffs


Pork Satay
Hainan Chicken (their signature dish)






Dishes from Java Spice:

 Nasi Bunkus


 Curry Lamb Stew


Lamb Satay

 Char Kway Teow

 Beef Penang

 Mee Goreng

Various Desserts



From Martabak Cafe:
Chocolate, Cheese and Peanut Martabak Manis

 Durian and Cheese Martabak Manis



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