$15 DineLA Restaurant Week Lunch at Maccheroni Republic 

$15 DineLA Restaurant Week Lunch at Maccheroni Republic 

A 3-course lunch for only $15?  Why not?  Most enjoy the pasta dishes offered here and find that they are more reasonably priced than Bestia and The Factory Kitchen.  It was a cold day, so I had a hankering for a nice bowl of soup and ordered a bowl of their minestrone.  With or without the soup, this was a good deal.  And it was quite good.

   Minestrone di Vedure con Quinoa

Insalata Tricolore della Salute:

Bigola della Nonna:  

Pannatone Pudding:

Front entrance and front patio:


Jordan Kahn’s Destroyer in Culver City

Jordan Kahn’s Destroyer in Culver City

The chef at the former and highly touted Red Medicine in Beverly Hills.  Red Medicine’s menu featured Vietnamese-fusion dishes.  However, Chef Kahn’s tasting menu at the Red Medicine was a totally different dining experience.  Featuring ingredients he foraged from the LA coastline and from the Santa Monica Mountains, he created very imaginative and delicious dishes that seemed to have been inspired by Noma’s Rene Redzepi.

At Destroyer, he seemed to be able to continue his approach to creating delicious food that’s been meticulously prepared and plated.  It’s a place where I really enjoyed the food, as long as I block out the hoards of hipsters who flock to this place as if it was an oasis in the Sahara.

Website:  http://www.destroyer.la/

Raw Oatmeal, almond milk, red currants and vanilla (second picture is Raw Oatmeal after it has been mixed.)

Marinated Mushrooms, Spelt, Arugala, Fresh Cheese, Seeds

Roasted Baby Yams, Avocado, Yogurt, Lemon (and endive, stuffed with the yam)

Beef Tartare, Smoked Egg Cream, Pickled Mushroom, Radish

Chicken Confit, Yukon Gold Potatoes, Roasted Lettuce, Yuzu, Hazelnut

English Peas, Job’s Tears, Gooseberries, Frozen Cream (second picture shows the goodies underneath that layer of frozen cream)

Roasted Cauliflower, Poached Egg, Black Garlic, Chicken Skin

Rice Porridge, Caramelized Broccoli, Puffed Rice, Burnt Onion (my group dived into it before I was able to snap a proper picture)

Sorrel Leaves, Cheese _____, English Toffee, Baked Apple

Street parking only, and it’s rather hard to find, especially when this place is rather busy throughout the entire day.

Singaporean at Chop Chop Grill, and Indonesian at Java Spice in East San Gabriel Valley

(Note:  Unnamed dishes will be identified in the near future, the formatting will be fixed as well.)

My never ending desire to find the best Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian food in the Los Angles and Orange County areas led me to the Chop Chop Grill, a family owned Asian restaurant that happens to feature some Singaporean dishes.  

I hosted a little food crawl for deep into the eastern  region of the San Gabriel Valley:  Chop Chop grill in Walnut, Java Spice in Rowland Heights and Martabak Cafe in West Covina.  

With a couple of friends from Singapore and Malaysia, we sampled the few Singaporean dishes at Chop Chop Grill before heading over to Java Spice and sampling a few Indonesian dishes.  Then we finished up with some Indonesian martabak manis at Martabak Cafe.  
Dishes from Chop Chop Grill:

Nasi Lemak 
Curry Puffs


Pork Satay
Hainan Chicken (their signature dish)






Dishes from Java Spice:

 Nasi Bunkus


 Curry Lamb Stew


Lamb Satay

 Char Kway Teow

 Beef Penang

 Mee Goreng

Various Desserts



From Martabak Cafe:
Chocolate, Cheese and Peanut Martabak Manis

 Durian and Cheese Martabak Manis